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Quotes I am the proud owner of two of Paul Neal's flutes. They are exceptional works of art. And the sound quality is second to none. I will treasure both of them. I often speak to groups of young people to help unleash the gifts that God has placed in them. Paul's Flutes are special and will now be a part of my presentation. Paul is a skilled craftsman that's been anointed to create instruments of worship! I pray that God blesses you(Paul) with many years and many more satisfied customers! "Simply the best." Quotes
Earl Carswell
Paul Neal...Anointed!

Quotes I recently purchased some Paul's "FLUTE WAX", and it is the best I have used! I have purchased some from 4 other suppliers, and Paul's is much better in my opinion. I use it on my Flutes, and Knife Handles. This stuff not only seals and leaves a nice smooth finish, it also smells very nice. So thanks Paul for making some very nice Wax! I highly recommend this to everyone. Quotes

Quotes I recently purchased my first Flute from Paul. All I can say is "WOW!!!" I could not believe the quality that he puts in to his work at such a great price, it just blows my mind. Anyway, I am hooked and I will be back for more. Thank you Paul for creating such wonderful Flutes! You have a very special gift. Many Blessings, Wanda J. Quotes
Wanda J.

Quotes I was looking online for some quality flutes with style and when I seen Paul Neal's flutes I immediately was captivated. The flute I received was high quality and sounds amazing. I played it so much it developed a crack near the mouth area. I let Paul know and he immediately responded with some options to help fix it. I returned the flute and he fixed it right away and sent it back to me. He fixed it like new and haven't had the problem since. Excellent customer service, polite and kind, excellent quality flutes. God Bless and Thanks Neal! ~Jonathan~ Quotes
Jonathan Osterhout

Quotes I recently purchased one of Mr Neal's Flutes. I own 26 different Flutes. and Mr Neal's Flute is probably one of the best Flutes I own next to Billy Crowbeak's . I feel that Mr Neal and Crowbeak are the most creative Flute makers out there! They both make some of the most beautiful playing and sounding Flutes there is. I highly recommend Mr Neal's Flutes to anyone. Not only do you get a great Flute from Mr Neal, but his service is second to none! I have never met a person who is so polite, and willing to go out of his way to see that your buying experience with him, is above perfection. He truly cares about his customers, and treats them as if they are family and friends. There are many things that I could say about Mr Neal, but I will let him & his work do all the talking! If your in the market for a great quality Flute, and even greater service, then you NEED to deal with Mr Neal. Thank you Paul for all your kindness, and I will be back for another Flute very soon! CJ Quotes
Outstanding Product & Service

Quotes im new to playing flutes, so when i heard a native flute played on youtube from numerous players, i knew i had to have one. i previously order a flute from another builder only to realize the bottom holes, even the lightest breathe, it wouldn't play right. so after i returned the flute to that seller, I kept trying to find a quality builder because just any flute wouldn't do for me, but i didn't know where to go, until i came across Paul Neal Flute page. After interacting with Paul, he built a flute that surpassed my imagination. Right out of the box it plays easy, the sound is crisp clear, and I had no problem playing it. Looking at the quality build, it definitly shows that Paul took time in how he builds his flutes, he preserves the wood totally different than other builders, he goes beyond than just normal and when i play the flute, it sounds better each time i play it. its not just about a piece of wood that looks good but with paul flutes, i can say it looks amazing, it plays awe Quotes
Candi Arnold
The Best Flute I Could Ever Buy

Quotes When I received my first Paul Neal flute I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of his work. It is truly a work of art that releases a heavenly sound. Within a week after receiving my first flute I ordered a second one. His work again went beyond my expectations. He is blessed with an amazing gift and you can tell he puts his whole heart into the creating of his flutes. Quotes
Tammi Abernethy
Created to worship

Quotes I bought a first flute for my girlfriend when it arrived it was so nice I kept it for myself and bought two more. Mr Neal is an artist taking pride in his work and, is eager to please . I will be getting more flutes from Mr Neal Quotes
Very new player

Quotes I have two of Paul's flutes and absolutely love them. They both look and sound beautiful. Paul is an unbelievable talent and one heck of a nice guy to deal with. Thanks for everything and continued success to you. Quotes
Thomas Vale

Quotes ...I knew I would be back! lololol Yes! NUMBER FIVE!!!! I switched things up a bit and I think I purchased Paul's first Bamboo Flute! Key of E and it looks gorgeous and plays very warm and mellow...I LOVE IT!!! I love the wood burning and warm brown tones of the bamboo...polished and shines so well with a deer antler mouth piece to add to the rustic and simple vintage look! Paul has a God given talent that is so very unique and rare with a genuine kind spirit. I'm going to have to get another flute rack!!!! :) :) :) Quotes
"WOW! Number FIVE!!!"