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Quotes When I discovered Paul on ebay I had a good feeling, this gentleman is given a gift that a few get. He can make or build just about anything when it comes to art.Beautiful,beautiful knives,stands,flutes,necklaces and a lot of other good things. Quotes
ron macdougall
master artist

Quotes Dear Paul, I don't know how many knives I have bought from you for my sons knife collection, we both cherish all of them. The best thing there's not another one like any of them. I just built him a big display case made out of some Black Walnut I had, they are just beatiful in it. Take care my good friend and God Bless. Ed Evans North Carolina Quotes
Ed Evans

Quotes A true craftsman Paul has been my Freind many years now I have watched him grow ,remember the first knife he did sent me pictures to get my approval,, I loved it,,Paul and me do a lot of similar work. He as I really do all our Stuuf by hand Paul is a true master at hand making his items,,I am really proud of him. I know the hours he puts in each piece. And like my stuff the price falls way short of what it's worth,,people don't realize what they are passing up,,I'm sure without a second thought him and I will be the top knife makers in the world before its said and done ,,just wait and see,,God is on both our sides guideing our hands ,,and God never takes 2nd place,,thanks for being my Freind brother,,Travis Palmer, Quotes
Travis Palmer knives
Bocephus knives

Quotes Hi Paul, I just wanted to drop in tell you that I love your work! The knife I recently purchased was the 12th Knife that I own of yours. Each one is great looking Knife, and I enjoy each one. They are huge conversation pieces for when family and friends come over. Everyone truly enjoys your creative imagination. Keep up the good work, and I will be back for more! Dave from Indiana Quotes
David Andrews
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